This shows how to convert a Mini to a ZCars Mini

Kits are made to allow Honda 2Ltr Vtec or Suzuki Hayabusa engines to be fitted. With over 450 kits sold world wide this conversion remains one of the best kit car options around.

This video shows a customer built ZCars Mini.

Read the road test by Tim Schrick the famous German race driver and TV star here See the video here: Check out a build diary here

This video shows a ZCars Mini in detail.

Similar to the Mini, Saxo,Imp and Fiat kits are available although these kits are less complete and less developed.

Having Fun!

Click on the 'On-line Shop' link above to see the kits and prices or see here for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Worldwide shipping available (North America 1800 USD, Europe 800 Eur).