Welcome to Z Cars

We are now based in Ashford, Kent and have taken on the mantle from the founder Chris Allanson building on the innovative track-focused adrenalin creations which first appeared nearly 20 years ago based on the iconic classic Mini.

As well as the legacy kits based on the Hayabusa and K20 VTEC engines we have broadened the portfolio to embrace the turbo era as the leading automotive brands and upper echelons of motorsport have done.

Our position as a dealer for the extensive range of Revo Technik products allows us access to their market leading expertise that has created performance products that transform a vast array of everyday cars.

Coincidentally with the recent launch of our new modular engine cradle, this allows us to design cradles for different engines more quickly including engines that use the extensive Revo product range.

This also allows our clients to tune their cars in stages as they become more acclimatised to their cars through the period of ownership.

With such a short wheelbase, we believe this is the more responsible way to build and get accustomed to your ultimate icon; be it a thrilling lightweight pocket rocket or a daily-user Restomod to perhaps break the monotony of what we see on the daily commute.

With the new owner having been a former customer of the original company over a long period of ownership across 2 mid-engine Minis and experiences to match… we can offer developments designed to complement – if not improve upon - the glorious originals and not to dampen down the sensation of a powerful pocket-size lightweight mid-engine; sports car, hot hatch if not supercar worrier.


Z Cars for sale

For some the enjoyment starts on the road and not in the workshop.  As such we can provide for purchase a turnkey solution, a ready to drive Z Car.

Fully customised to your specifications.


Garage Services

We are conscious that a Z Car conversion can involve activities which the customer may not be comfortable doing or may not have the equipment or facilities to do so.

With this in mind, a build can undertaken by Z Cars on your behalf.