Welcome to Z Cars!

This is our interim website as we work feverishly on reviving the former company’s fortunes after the events of 2015. Admittedly we would have preferred to hit the ground running with a website, premises and new workshop team but building these virtually from scratch takes time and we are intending to relaunch with the full infrastructure in place, enhancements to the existing kits, plus add some new engine derivatives to the range. Please bear with us. We hope to be able to help existing owners maintain their cars, assist customers mid-build complete their projects, get back out attending a few shows and take the company forward. Furthermore as former customers ourselves of the original and the off-shoot businesses we have a number of improvements we would like to implement, such as; the customer service experience, making the kits easier to install, improvements to the handling characteristics and much, much more.. In the meantime we would welcome some constructive recommendations from the customers on improvements, or developments you would like to see in future.

Fiat 500 Kit Update video

Fiat 500 Kit Update, we have just released the full video for your viewing pleasure, no more teasing!

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