EcoBoost 1.0

Z Cars Classics Re-Imagined

The EcoBoost 1.0L is a FWD conversion which is only available as a drive-in/drive-out service. The conversion has been designed  to fit in the standard engine bay of the original classic Mini without the need to extend the front end as is the case with the Honda conversions.

With the bonnet closed, the conversion is largely anonymous. It is only when the engine is fired up that there would be any suggestion that the A-series has been superseded. The standard engine comes in 3 guises 99, 125 and 140 BHP. The aftermarket ECU included in the conversion can be remapped to various power outputs, including 170 BHP.


FWD Conversion

The 1.0 litre Ford EcoBoost engine is the first FWD conversion offered by Z Cars. Developed in Spain during 2018/19, by Madrid-based Gotenman Technology, Z Cars is a distributor for the conversion, offering a supply and installation service. We can also build a new car based around a restored or British Heritage shell.

The conversion was developed as a daily use classic Mini capable of long journeys, regular commutes and any trip, a modern small car would be expected to undertake, all packaged into that instantly recognisable iconic silhouette. Capable of matching the donor cars’ industry leading fuel economy figures, this ensures the engine is a worthy successor to the A-series and with a minimum standard power level of 100 BHP per litre, more than twice that of the non Cooper S variants of the A-series.

A Classic With Modern Pace

With the turbo technology offering various power levels courtesy of the ST-Line models and a plethora of tuning companies offering more than the OEM 140 BHP, the Mini will be able to comfortably keep pace with other cars on the road in usual conditions.

The 13” wheels shorten the gearing improving the acceleration, so 0-60 will range between 8.0 and 6.0 seconds depending on power levels and road conditions. A 5-speed gearbox is preferred as the shortened gearing is better spaced with the 5-speed when using 13” wheels as the 6-speed with closer spaced ratios is better suited to the original donor cars with their 15-18” wheels.

Technical Data Sheet

EcoBoost 1.0 Conversion
  • Replacement subframe. The conversion is reversible.
  • Engine
  • 5 Speed gearbox. With smaller Mini wheels, the gearing is lowered. Therefore a spaced-out 5 speed is more desirable than a closer ratio 6 speed which would also induce more torque steer.
  • Standalone ECU
  • Bespoke radiator and fan.
  • Chargecooler (water to air intercooler)
  • Modified turbo (this allows the engine to fit inside a standard Mini front end)
  • Driveshafts
  • Gear selector and linkage
  • Big brake kit for the front.
  • Fitting

Engine Overview

The Ford 1.0 EcoBoost was selected for a number of reasons, though primarily its compact size, modern design and it utilising the latest technologies made it the leading contender for our first FWD offering. The entire conversion is engineered specifically to fit inside the standard engine bay and allow the bonnet to close normally. In the grand scheme of things, the adaptations required are relatively minor but ultimately the conversion is designed to be reversible.

This engine appears in much larger vehicles including the Fiesta and Focus, therefore as you might expect, it is not a simple case of transplanting the engine. A number of adaptations are required including reworking the turbo, cooling and exhaust. A charge cooling system is also required. With the complexity of modern vehicles with in-built security and so forth, an aftermarket ECU is required to allow the engine to operate once it is removed from the donor vehicle as the standard ECU requires the standard instrument cluster and key to be present.