As you may be aware there are a number of companies already providing FWD conversions; such as B Series Hondas, 16v, bike engines and not forgetting tuning the A Series itself. Rather than supply a similar conversion, we are looking to select a modern engine with refinement, flexability and tunability in mind.

We have selected the 1.0 Ecoboost for a development project and below is our donor vehicle, a MKII Mini. The rationale is to produce a sleeper conversion, and we feel if we can overcome the challenges of the engine's height, we could produce a demo car with the classic cooper theme.

The kit will be simpler to install and will be pitched at lower price point than our RWD conversions. This conversion should provide customers with higher levels of reliability and tractability, a 6sp gearbox, with greater economy and differing options in terms of power using the Revo engine maps.

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