Fiabusa Kit

Z Cars Classics Re-Imagined

The Fiabusa kit allows you to swap out the 12-18 BHP for something with a little more go. In order to facilitate the conversion, the front and rear subframes are removed and our in-house replacements fitted which share the standard mounting locations. The 500 is also converted from Air to Water-cooled, the steering box replaced, full coilover suspension and disk brakes all round.


Something with a Little More Go?

The kit centres round an engine cradle which the Hayabusa engine is mounted into. The QBA11R is then bolted to the engine courtesy of two bespoke brackets. The frame assembly is a self-contained unit, which bolts into the Fiat 500’s original mountings to simplify the installation.

The frame also hosts the trailing arms, brakes and suspension. The cradle has pick-up points for the suspension and trailing arms which essentially means the kit (with the engine mounted) can be easily assembled or disassembled (e.g. for engine maintenance).

The conversion necessitates the removal of the rear seat upright and base to make room for the engine cradle. A bulkhead will be required to enclose the engine. We can supply a purpose-built bulkhead, which can be upgraded to further sound deaden and thermal insulate the passenger cabin.

The kit essentially includes all an owner would need to convert their car, assuming they have a donor car and Hayabusa engine. There is a gear change and lever mechanism and we are looking to have an electronic method to engage reverse to avoid having a second lever. Imagine a simple switch which says F (forward) or R (reverse).

A Classic Re-imagined

The dramatic increase in performance necessitates an uprating of the front suspension, with cross-drilled solid disks. Having tested the more powerful Hayabusa which has the brakes with this configuration, we feel this would be up to the task. If we wanted to upgrade, we would change the pads for a harder material. A vented front disk upgrade is also available.

The steering box is replaced with a Mini rack and gives better feel and gives the driver more confidence that the quicker steering would facilitate more control given the performance capabilities of the conversion. This addresses the ponderous, vague steering of the original set-up.

The switch to a water-cooled engine means a front mounted radiator would be required. We have chosen to not be too aggressive on the cooling risking overcompensating for air flow through the radiator with a more pronounced aperture or front grill, which can detract from the look of the 500 in our view.

Technical DataSheet

Fiabusa Kit
  • Fully welded ROPT510 tubular steel engine cradle with engine mounting brackets.
  • Trailing arms and fully adjustable suspension with coilover dampers.
  • Driveshafts, CV joints and rear brakes.
  • Front subframe with double wishbones and fully adjustable suspension using coilover dampers. Steering rack (optional column).
  • Front hubs, uprated brakes and calipers.
  • Quaife QBA11R gear drive system, Ford Lobro, mounting brackets.
  • Gear lever, linkage and cables.
  • Bodywork wider arches kit.
  • Water-cooled cooling kit and cowling

Complementing the kit are as follows

Our in-house setup adjustable for camber and toe are included.

Engine Overview

The rear subframe uses either of the Hayabusa engines for both the generations 1 and 2. With the Fiat 500 being smaller and lighter than the Mini, the conversion benefits from a greater power to weight ratio although this would even out if the full Fiat rollcage was fitted.

With the smaller wheelbase we recommend the QBA11R is used.