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FIAT 500 Kit

There have been significant developments with our Fiat 500 kit. As featured in the YouTube video, the Subaru engined Classic Fiat 500 was initially developed incorporating early 1990’s Subaru Impreza two wheel drive 1.8 gearbox. Their rarity is an understatement, consequently we are reviewing alternatives and are confident we can source a more freely available transmission. For the most part, the kit will essentially be unchanged although we are making a revision to the front subframe. With the Hayabusa QBA Mini kit nearing completion, we have given some thought to utilising this set-up and how we could shoehorn this into the classic 500 to offer an alternative kit for customers with more power. By incorporating the QBA box, the entire kit is more compact and sits neatly in our new engine cradle but unlike the Subaru kit, this kit requires the complete removal of the rear seat and requires a bulkhead to be fitted. The engine cradle essentially bolts to a number of the original cars’ structural mounting points. We believe this too will be a simpler kit to both, install and to maintain than the Mini. However unlike many of the Hayabusa conversions, we have seen, our kit can maintain the conventional look of the original without the need for bulbous wheels arches and a visibly longer wheelbase. That being said, a wider track and wheel combination would seem wise replacing the 4.5” wheels with 7” wheels so a wider arch than the Arbarth will most likely be required. We are about to commence building our demo car.