Kits under development

We have been researching the addition of further engine derivatives given the scarcity and rising prices of the ‘Busa and K20. Given the industry shift toward embracing the turbo engine with it's efficiency, tunability and reliability, we are presently looking at the viability of the latest engines from VAG and Ford, namely the TFSI and TSI, Ecoboost and the normally aspirated versions; FSI and Duratec engines. These are more freely available and common to countless models across the VAG and Ford ranges. These would carry over the same enhancements planned on the legacy kits.

In addition to the mid-engine variants, we are keen to introduce a FWD addition to the Z Cars range. We have selected an engine, and will be undertaking the development in the next few months. These kits are likely to be an entry-level in terms of cost with the intention of developing an engine, subframe combination as a straight replacement and substantial enhancement over the standard A Series engine and heavy duty subframe. We are expecting this to be a simpler conversion than the mid-engine conversions.

The final development of the Hayabusa QBA kit will be completed to take the new Quaife QBA drivebox with integrated reverse. This will be our preferred Hayabusa-based kit which has numerous advantages over that of the chain driven variant.


A new subframe will be developed which will be closely associated with the kit fitted to the Monte Carlo which had a number of bespoke components. We are looking to utilise freely available components whilst mirroring the better handling characteristics of the Monte over that of the original front subframe.

Further development will be undertaken to finalise the Fiat 500 and Lotus Elise kits.