Fiat 500 Daytona 1050R Kit


Daytona 1050R

This is a new addition to the range and is a legend in the making. This lighter, more compact, speed-triple unit has around 140 BHP in standard tune. We are looking to offer an engine upgrade kit to increase this to circa 160 BHP. The engines are less than half the price of a Hayabusa engine. This conversion includes the QBA2R with the integrated LSD and reverse.

We are pleased to be able to offer a complete new range of kits for another automotive Icon. With the Fiat 500 being rear engine already, we felt this would be an easier kit for a customer to build at home. The Subaru conversion retains the rear seat, whereas the bike conversions require the rear seat and rear bulkhead to be removed and a new bulkhead fitted behind the front seats up and over the engine.

With the standard car having a front to rear cooling and fuel setup, the kit is supplied without these elements but we can supply an uprated kit. With respect to the Daytona and Subaru conversions, where the engines are much cheaper, this represents a chance to build a complete car with a much lower budget. Indeed a factory build would be cheaper given the conversion is less complex than a Mini conversion.

With the finished cars likely to be capable of speeds well in excess of 100 mph, the kit includes a stronger double wishbone front suspension moving away from single sheer components and will include fully adjustable suspension for; camber, toe, caster, height and damping. Uprated vented disks on front and solid disks on the rear are also included.

Fiat 500 Daytona 1050R Kit

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