Mini Hayabusa Kit


GSX-R 1300 Generations 1 (-2007) & (2008+) Mini Kit

In standard tune 173-197 BHP with a 6-speed gearbox, this engine has been the core engine for Z Cars. We are now offering 3 drive options to subtly refine the bike variants, whilst reducing maintenance and noise, adding convenience with integrated reverse options. Engine upgrades are available too.

The kits are designed to complement a donor car and engine in providing enthusiasts with the essential components to complete a basic Z Car build. There are supplementary kits such as the fuel, cooling and electrics which complement the main kit which can be added downstream to the build as the build progresses.

These are optional to allow the cost of the parts to be spread rather than buying a larger kit in the beginning and not necessarily needing some elements of the kit until much later on in the project. Inevitably, each project is likely to involve other personal touches all of which can be provided by Z Cars. The completed car can then be enhanced and upgraded over the period of ownership, with the company there to assist as required.

Mini Hayabusa Kit

Mini Hayabusa options and supplementary kits