The TFSI kit is about to get under way. This was our development car, fittingly sprayed in Pure Grey, a VAG colour. We have sourced two engines, a manual and a DSG version. We are going to use the gear ratios from the diesel engines as being longer gearing, this will help compensate for the 13″ wheels. This kit will be a more refined conversion, and a quite different experience in some respects from the K20 and ‘Busa. Just as fast, but the low down torque with the longer gearing, and what it will be able to do in 3rd and 4th gear is something you simply can’t put into words.
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This is the time-lapse of our first TFSI frame where we test fitted a DSG gearbox. This highlighted there needs to be a different set of trailing arms, as the DSG box is much larger and more clearance for the arms is required on the near side. This was undertaken in June, but we have sat on the project for a few months as we wanted to test a TFSI conversion which had been finished and had already seemingly overcome some of the integration issues with any new engine variant. It also gave us an opportunity to verify our choice of engine.
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